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Cornerstone Content creation using Automatic writing tool – Articoolo

Call me a cynic but I was worried when I was offered a trial of a new SaaS (Software as a service) product that could automatically rewrite pages of text and it still make sense. So I tried it with Articoolo and I have to confess I’m impressed.

Using Articoolo to write cornerstone content
Using Articoolo to write cornerstone content

Writing Cornerstone Content for SEO

In the old days of SEO it was relatively easy to write the required 300 words or so in order to give you a chance of ranking well for the page. Recently this 300 words has become longer and longer and according to Yoast SEO Plugin, to create ‘Cornerstone Content’ that is capable of ranking well, you need to get to a start point of 1,000 words or more.

So what is Cornerstone Content?

I used Articoolo to create this article and have only had to carry out the most minor rewrite, so you can judge for yourself.

Cornerstone content pieces are the articles on your site you are most proud of. They reflect your company, communicate your mission and are incredibly well composed. Those are the articles you want to rank high in the search engines. Cornerstone articles are often explainers, these articles combine insights from various blog posts. Here, I will explain about cornerstone content. I will tell you what cornerstone content is, why it is essential for Search engine optimization, the way to write this kind of content and the way you should link out of your posts to your base articles. 

Which articles are my cornerstones?

Select your cornerstones carefully. Think of four or five pages you’d want someone to read if they visit your site. These articles ought to be the cornerstone of your website. Which articles are precious to you? Which articles are the most authoritative and complete? You should compose cornerstone articles on the keywords you absolutely want to rank for. By marking articles as a cornerstone, Yoast SEO will help you construct a strong internal linking structure. In the Yoast Search engine optimization meta box you may indicate if the article is a cornerstone article. 

Why are cornerstone articles essential for SEO? Cornerstone content plays a substantial role in any SEO strategy. It may be rather difficult to categorize for search terms which are remarkably popular. A cornerstone approach may help you handle those competitive search terms. Should you write many articles about comparable blog posts, you have to tell Google which one would be the most essential. Otherwise, you will be competing with your content to get a place in the search results. If you supply the appropriate internal linking structure between your posts, it is possible to show Google which article is the most essential. 

Linking structure for cornerstones. Cornerstone articles should appear very high on your website’s pyramid. Preferably, someone will be capable to click out of your home page to your cornerstone articles immediately. You should link all of your other posts about comparable subjects to that specific article. Subsequently, you may write tons of new website posts focussing on fresh angles of the subject of your cornerstone article. From each one of these blog posts, you will relate to your initial cornerstone article. Such an internal linking structure will increase the prospect of your base ranking of articles in Google. For example, I write a lot of different messages on SEO copywriting. 

Each one of these posts concentrates on a different facet of SEO copywriting. One of my articles is my cornerstone article, in this case, the Ultimate Guide to SEO Copywriting. I shall make sure to link into it from all my posts about Search engine optimization copywriting to that important cornerstone article.

Assessing your cornerstones with Yoast SEO.

Yoast Search engine optimization offers some really useful tools that enable you to optimize your cornerstone content. We offer a hypertext counter, a particular cornerstone content evaluation and in Premium even inner linking suggestions, wherein cornerstone articles revolve around other posts.”

Getting new start points for content

For content writers it’s always a challenge to keep getting new start points – particularly in subjects you aren’t 100% familiar with. This seems to solve it. The service does stress it’s a start point and not for complete finished text. With Google’s Quality and relevancy tests , it’s critical that you still tweak it to make sure it reads well and passes normal grammar tests. So rather than me tell you about it, I thought I’d let Articoolo write about itself using its own tool.

For SEO there is nothing better than articoolo for unique content creation

This is what it told me…

Articoolo rewrites unique content like a human author when you ask it to create an article.

First, it’ll analyze and understand the context of your article. For example, if you wanted to create an article about the brand ‘Apple’, the formula will initially establish that Apple in this context is a name of a company, not a fruit. After understanding this, it’ll find the best resources elsewhere online, and extract widely used and relevant keywords. The program will then find associated content based on essential and primary keywords, rebuilding the whole article to one coherent bit of text. Then it’ll rewrite the text using NLP motor for multi level semantic id and verify its readability.

Towards the end-of the procedure, which only takes around a minute, you’ll have a completely distinctive, coherent starting point for the article – And it’ll have no spelling mistakes – It may however need Anglicizing as it writes in American English.

The advantages.

Our solution will supply you with absolutely distinctive textual content. No risk of duplicate content or plagiarizing. It’s completely unique. You don’t need to worry about breaching other copyrights, as the system specifically checks against plagiarizm.

The content developed by Articoolo is both correct and articulate. It’s a fast, coherent starting point for the articles. You no longer need to wait around for somebody the other side of the globe to create, check and send the information to you. With Articoolo, you might have your text message ready within minutes. Lastly, it charges significantly less than you might imagine at around $0.49 per article rewrite or if you sign up to the service it works out at as little as $0.29 per article rewrite, which for the time it saves you is peanuts. You can see the subscription service here

Summary review of Articoolo

So that’s it. This article took me less than five minutes and it took a little bit of rewriting, but not much. You can see the original text here on the Articoolo site to be able to compare.

I like it, it’s great value and I can see myself using this quite a lot.

There’s also an offer here for 20 free credits. Just click this link.

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