Making money from .com domain names

I’ve been lucky enough to have made some money from domain names over the years. Having worked on branding projects for years, it became increasingly obvious that one of the hardest parts of any branding project was getting the actual domain name. So I found a few secret weapons which have worked very well for me.

GoDaddy for domain names and hosting

The first of these is GoDaddy. I use them for all of my domain name buying, most of my hosting and for keeping myself organised. I was with Easily before this and was paying £17.99 for .com renewals. With GoDaddy, this is only £7.99 for year one and then £9.99 for renewals. Multiply this by my 100+ domains and this alone saves me over £800 per year as well as being easier and faster to use.

So, as they have come anywhere near renewal, I have migrated them across into my GoDaddy account. It’s that simple.

GoDaddy domains

Sedo for buying great domain names

The second secret weapon is Sedo (which stands for Search Domains). Sedo is the best marketplace for domains and a brilliant place to start your search. Again, going back to the need to find domain names, I often find that the running auctions can often have great names in them and it’s possible then to work in reverse and create the brand from the name that’s available, rather than come up with a name, only to find it isn’t available anyway.

The second clever thing is that you can advertise the domains for sale through Sedo, but you can make money from the ads that run on the sites too. Admittedly not much,but a little x 100+ domains begins to add up to something useful.

SEDO domain auctions

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