Edvard Ingersson mono

Edvård Ingersson Watches – Great quality and even better value

I have been lucky enough to be sent some sample watches by my friends at Edvård Ingersson Timepieces. They open their doors on October 1st 2017 and from what I’ve seen will make a huge success with their great value range of watches.

The range cover four key areas. Pilots and Military watches that you can see here

Pilots and Military watches
Pilots and Military watches

Then there is a range of beautifully simple classical watches like this one

Classical watches
Classical watches

And then a range of Sports and GPS enabled watches. Some of these are seriously clever.

Sports and GPS Watches
Sports and GPS Watches

Finally, they have a small range of Automatic and Chronograph Watches. These are often hard to find as many on the market are just poor quality and no better than those you could buy on a beach. From what I’ve seen however, these feel very different.

Automatic and Chronograph Watches
Automatic and Chronograph Watches

Go and sign up now as they are offering a 15% discount for anyone who signs up before they open.

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