The outside of the Pieminister building Nottingham

Pieminister Nottingham Review

I’m not going to lie. I love Pies. In my opinion, most things in life are made better by wrapping them in pastry (or sausage meat) and few things in life beat a good pie. So as you can imagine, a trip to Pieminister was one I was looking forward to quite a lot and to save you reading the rest of this review, if it wasn’t the best pie I’ve ever had, I can’t remember a better one. It was that good.

The look and feel is very much the new thing of open industrial with neon and exposed brickwork. The outside of the building is beautifully done with a very distinctive black finish to every facet. All good so far.

We popped in to book a table earlier and i’m still not sure if this is possible or just not possible when there are only two of you, but we went off for a few beers elsewhere (The Malt Shovel – which was also excellent) and came back for 20.00 and there was a table free.

The Pieminister menu is much bigger than I expected and absolutely chock full of things I love and all seemed good value. You can download the menu here. I went for the Free Ranger Pie which is described as a free range British chicken & ham hock pie with leek & thyme pie, with a side of Skin on Chips and  British Chorizo stick to pimp up my pie which was great value at £1.40 and the Pie only £5.00. In truth I could have eaten anything. My eating buddy opted for a Chicken of Aragon that describes itself as a free range British chicken, smoked bacon & tarragon pie. She also opted for a Pigs in Blanket to Pimp her pie too and a side of Mac and Cheese. And I couldn’t quite resist some Mega crisps as a starter too.

Pie Minister Mega Crisps
Pie Minister Mega Crisps

These came with a hot sauce for dipping which had a bit of a kick to it and put together, they were gorgeous. Again at only £3.00 I couldn’t fault the price, as it was great value.

They even had good beer on draft too and I had a lovely pint of Freedom 4 for only £4.00. That’s cheaper than some pubs in the area. My buddy went for a Vodka lime and soda. A large one. More of this later. So onto the Pies.

Free ranger Pie with skin on chips and Chorizo sword
Free ranger Pie with skin on chips and Chorizo sword

The Pie cam with a Chicken and Sherry gravy, which was a bit thin, but really tasty. and the pie was spectacular. Crispy crunch pastry and smooth sauce from the pie with lots of big tasty chunks of meat. Faultless. The Chorizo pimpage was tasty too and the chips tasty and crispy but totally unsalted – which is good but unusual these days. None of them lasted long and I loved every single mouthful.

An empty plate at Pieminister
An empty plate at Pieminister

When it came to the bill the overall bill was £33.95 which I have to confess was a little higher than I’d counted in my head and it was all to do with that Vodka. £8.00 for the Black Cow Vodka and then a further £0.75 for a dash of Soda. Blimey, that’s a steep vodka price and out of line with all of the other prices on the menu.

Drink at PieMinister Nottingham if you can afford it
Drink at PieMinister Nottingham if you can afford it

So to summarise. It’s the nicest pie I’ve ever eaten. Good service, friendly staff, great beers, tasty extras and really sensible pricing – apart from the ludicrous vodka price. I’m going to be using this place quite a lot I suspect.

Just for clarity this review is open and honest and not paid for by the restaurant. Here’s the bill to prove it. The white out line is the server name as I haven’t asked for permission to use her name in this review. But she was excellent.

Pieminister bill


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