Antenna Nottingham New York Breakfast bagel mono

Antenna, Nottingham – My little secret

I’m going to let you into my little secret. It’s called Antenna, Nottingham. It’s a meeting hub, creative media centre and generally a great place to base yourself if you work anywhere near the creative industries in Nottingham.

Technically, it’s private in that you have to be a member to get in, but membership is only £25 per year and the subsidised food pricing makes it worth that in a week.

Here’s a few examples of the food on offer. The New York breakfast Bagel is £4.75 and gorgeous. incredibly tasty smoked Salmon that’s not the nasty salty type, scrambled egg that’s as fresh as you like and a buttered wholemeal bagel. Note, my Fitbit HR charging in the background.

Antenna Nottingham New York Breakfast bagel

There’s always a set lunch for around the £5 mark too. Looking at what’s on offer today, it’s choice of egg or rice noodles, served with onions, mushrooms, peppers, bean sprouts, bok choi and topped with beef, chicken, prawns or tofu and cooked in soy sauce, thai sweet chilli or black bean. And you get a choice of drinks too. Gorgeous.

I know it’s not exactly gourmet food, but it’s tasty, great value and different every week.

Antenna Nottingham Lunch of Spicey Lime prawns in crusty bloomer with fries

So why do I choose to work here?

It’s a lovely, friendly, bright space. There’s always cool music playing in the background (today it seems to be a Motown and Blues sort of Vibe) and the Wifi is awesome with 150mb connection for uploads and downloads.

Antenna Nottingham Creative media centre and work space

It’s also where I’ve hosted my SEO and Social Media Training days. Great meeting and training rooms in the centre of Nottingham, with a bit of character to them. Again, decent value and always great service.

So, if you haven’t been here before then come and have a look. I’m prepared to share my little secret with you. Just don’t tell everyone.


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