Salt and Pepper grinder by Menu2 (1)

Black and white Salt and Pepper Bottle Grinders by Menu Review


I’m geekily into my food and do love to cook. I seem to treat kitchen gadgets the same way as everything else I touch. How does it feel, what does it do? So when it comes to salt and pepper grinders, I’ve tried plenty over the years, including the silly electric ones and the giant ‘Italian‘ ones too, but this is the best yet.


The first thing to say is that they are quite big. Much bigger than any salt and pepper grinders I have owned before and as a consequence, they hold an awful lot of salt and pepper. A whole packet can be sucked up into either, which means far more infrequent fill-ups.

The second thing is quite how nice they feel. Even though they are made of plastic, they have an almost silky feeling to them and ooze quality. They just feel incredibly premium. There isn’t a cheap feeling bit in them. Even the wood at the top feels lovely, classy and looks beautiful. I am totally happy to have them on the table.

And thirdly, they work. The grind is infinitely variable from super fine to very coarse and it’s ridiculously easy to adjust with just a turn of the wooden top.


I love them. It was a great purchase. They look good in the kitchen, works beautifully and are worth every penny of the £38/$50 that I paid for them. They are now available from Amazon Worldwide here.

Salt and Pepper grinder by Menu showing inside detail

Inside of Salt and Pepper grinder by Menu

Salt and Pepper grinder by Menu

16 thoughts on “Black and white Salt and Pepper Bottle Grinders by Menu Review

  1. My beautiful menu salt and pepper shakers !!!
    The plastic on the outside of them has gone sticky, I’ve only used soap and water to clean them and the stickiness won’t go away.
    I feel the plastic must be degrading in them ?
    They are really not useable now
    Any suggestions or comments


    1. Try a baby wipe. That works for most sticky stuff in my experience! I also wonder whether you can empty it, strip it down and throw it in the dishwasher? Slightly risky but has worked with other plastic ones for me too.


    2. Hi Victoria,
      Yes sadly this has happened to mine too… So – it seems that the ‘sticky’ stuff is the coating on the plastic that gives that grip and luxurious look and feel. I used a product called “De-Solv-it” which is a natural citrus sticky spot and stain remover (very handy stuff indeed) and removed the stickiness but unfortunately it takes the surface back to ordinary plastic. Still a nice colour and the grinders are still awesome to use but no longer that soft look and feel. Now they are slightly shiny like regular plastic but I have decided to keep mine – after all for me they still function pretty much the same.


  2. Baby wipes didn’t make any difference. The plastic feels like a glue on the outside and you can sort of scrape it off. Such a shame when you buy a quality product.
    I’ve contacted Menu about them but as yet I haven’t had a response


  3. Hi Guys
    Well I’ve had a response from Menu
    They admit it’s a production fault and will replace them only with a receipt.
    Unfortunately mine were given as a present and I don’t have a receipt so even though they are faulty they won’t do anything about them.
    So I’m a little stuck at this point


    1. Hi Victoria. Well, that is a drag but at least we can move on now. There is no possibility of me having the receipt! Let me just thank you profusely for your efforts – much appreciated. Have a good weekend. Simon


  4. Mine are now sticky too. I’ve had them for about 3 years. No receipt. They are the large size and I’m so disappointed as they looked so beautiful on display.


  5. Does anyone know how to take them apart? Mine had got moisture in it and I cant take it apart to get the soggy salt out around the top. Ive tried drying them out but it still remains blocked?


      1. But is it possible to get the actual mechanism out to clean that?

        Or you could just separate top and bottom and then blow a hair dryer up it until the wet salt dries out.

        Or again separate it and leave the top on a radiator or airer for a few days.


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